La Bambina Del Lago 2021 Remastered (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

by ONYRIX - Dino Olivieri

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Sven B. Schreiber (sbs)
Sven B. Schreiber (sbs) thumbnail
Sven B. Schreiber (sbs) Many movie soundtracks have a great "Main Theme" overture and an even better "End Titles" suite. Few keep on being interesting in the middle part without the availability of the moving pictures at the same time. This is, however, not the case with Dino Olivieri's new OST "La bambina del lago". In its 30 minutes, there's not a single track that's boring due to the missing visual experience. Without the "soundtrack" attribute, those excellent ten tracks would easily qualify as a full-fledged new age or synth wave album. Favorite track: La Magia Delle Alpi.
lelalela thumbnail
lelalela I love this album 'cos i love bands like Fever Ray, Clannad, iamamiwhoami and The Knife. Great sound, great dark and fantasy mood, great listening experience. Dino rulz!
***** Favorite track: La Bambina Del Lago.
Becca C
Becca C thumbnail
Becca C Gives your mind a break and opens up your inner peace
onyrix / dino olivieri
onyrix / dino olivieri thumbnail
onyrix / dino olivieri This album is a mix of electronic music, celtic atmospheres, progressive-rock, synthwave and retrowave sounds for a very special movie i hope will be released soon.
Peace and prosperity ; ) d Favorite track: Segni Nella Terra.
La Fontana 03:16
Invisibili 03:55


Remastered 2021 with DOLBY® / HIFI-HD 24bit Quality Mark

A dense, magical universe of light, darkness and alpine atmospheres. Epic music beyond imagination from Dino Olivieri. "La Bambina Del Lago", the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, will overload your sense of wonder and leave you breathless.

Album written and directed by Dino Olivieri / Onyrix.


released March 11, 2019

"La Bambina Del Lago" is the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack composed and performed by Dino Olivieri for the eponymous film directed by Federico Santaiti. The story tells of a young girl whose enchanting voice was stolen by the Warlock of the Forest, an obscure and old presence that draws energy from the young spirits to remain immortal. You can explore more of this amazing novel on the official composer's website:
Music composed, performed and engineered by Dino Olivieri / Onyrix at Studio, synthesizers, sequencing and computer programming by Noei Vioildir and Bionix.


all rights reserved



Dino Olivieri / ONYRIX Italy

Born in Turin, 1969.
70s: child painter
80s: in love with computers and videogames, assembly coder, videogame and graphic designer
90s: electronic dance music producer, abstract and digital painter
00s: traditional and digital illustrator, digital experimenter
10s: illustrated novels author, new retro sound music producer and digital painter
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